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      The Epson SureLab D3000 is Epson's newest high-speed digital photo lab built for printing archival quality photographs. Overdrive for the Epson SureLab D3000 ensures the best color from each and every print, without the headache of setting up the print driver's color management. All color processing is handled automatically by Overdrive, in advance of the driver. Just drop files into Overdrive's Job List or Hot folder, and let Overdrive do the rest.



      Overdrive uses new advances in color management and printing technology to deliver high-end accurate color to the Epson SureLab D3000.

      Ships with a complete set of pre-built print environments—
      no manual driver setup required

      • Simply select a print environment and start printing
      • Choose from Glossy or Luster environments
      • All roll widths, from 4 inches to 12 inches, are included
      • Choose between standard (high-speed) and high print quality
      • Borderless environments included for each media type and size

      Automated print production
      • Automatic accurate color without custom profiling or relinearization
      • Auto-rotate images on import to fit media—no manual rotation of files necessary
      • Printing streams at full speed (up to 650 4" x 6" prints per hour)
      • Print the image file name plus custom information, such as your company's name, to back of each print

      Integrated Layout with Tiling included
      • Layout is integrated into Overdrive for Windows
      • Nest, scale, crop, rotate, step and repeat or tile images with optional crop marks and job titles
      • Refit images in a layout based on "best fit" to save media or "rows" for easy trimming
      • Versitile layout editing — layouts can be edited after sending to the Job List

      Full PostScript and Raster File Support in Overdrive
      • EPS, PS, and PDF files
      • RGB, CMYK, and grayscale 8-bit and 16-bit support for TIFF (LZW compression is supported), JPEG and BMP

      Job Manager
      • Files and folders can be dropped directly into the Job Manager, opened from the File menu, or saved to the Hot Folder
      • Jobs can be reordered, deleted, or placed on hold to be processed later

      Print from Applications
      • Print directly from image-editing and layout applications, such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator
      • Select the Overdrive printer from in the Print dialog to send files directly to Overdrive Job Manager

      Hot Folder
      • Print to the Overdrive Hot Folder locally or across a network
      • Automatically scan the Hot Folder at a user-defined interval



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