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      Epson Media
      Available in a variety of surface finishes, Epson's Premium Photo Papers are noted for their resin coating, 10 mil thickness, unmatched print quality, and true photographic look and feel.
    • Engineered to provide optimum results when used with Epson printers and inks
    • Professional-level lightfastness ratings
    • Thoroughly tested for quality, accuracy, and durability
    • Quick drying and color stable right out of the printer - no short-term color shifting
    • Platinum Ink Jet Media

      Printer Profiles

      Platinum Inkjet Media are the finest substrates for digital printing applications. We focus on the Art, Fine Art, Photographic and Graphics markets. Some of the media available include Pearl, Glossy, Semi-matte, Metallic, Canvas.....

      Photo-Tex Adhesive Fabric 

      Photo Tex is a woven fabric that has a special adhesive applied after being 
      removed from the loom. It is available in
      8.5-inch by 11-inch and 11-inch by 
      17-inch sheets, as well as in 164-foot-long rolls in either 36-inch or 42-inch 
      widths. Gierlach says
      custom sizes are available, including custom sheet sizes 
      in quantities of a minimum of 1,000 sheets.

      7-9900 PhotoTex 16 Bit PK.icc       Manual Settings

    • It doesn't rip or wrinkle
    • It sticks securely in all weather
    • It's easily removed from any surface with no residue
    • It's re-usable and can be applied and removed numerous times, retaining its adhesive characteristics
    • The adhesive is water-resistant
    • The material can be illuminated with back-lighting
    • And best of all, it can be printed using a wide range of printing technologies and inks.
    • Kodak Professional Ink Jet Paper
      Developed for Professionals to Professional Standards!


      Featuring a true photographic resin coated base paper with "pulp of unsurpassed quality". With KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo
      Paper, you have the freedom to print in your studio, and the quality to back it up. KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper is 
      universally compatible and will work with both pigmented and dye based inkjet printers.

      KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper dries instantly and is available in two finish types - lustre and gloss.


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